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Your service lives – we provide reliability

With our DYNAGUIDE series, we have developed a new generation of guide rings made of extremely resistant materials in order to significantly increase the service life of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The guide rings can be used as piston and rod guides. They reduce radial and axial movements of the mobile components, thereby avoiding metal contact. Our DYNAGUIDE guide rings can be used both for new cylinders as well as during servicing – thereby increasing the service life of your products many times over.

Advantages of DYNAGUIDE guide rings:
Variable dimensions
Interchangeable for all installation spaces
Suitable for all oils
High radial and axial load capacity
Excellent gliding characteristics thanks to integrated lubrication properties
Longer service life
Reduces operating costs

350 mm (DIN 53454)
Special sizes upon request

Temperature resistance:
−40 °C to 120 °C

Compressive strength:
up to 350 N/mm²