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It goes without saying that our ISO-certified quality management can only exist for as long as we adhere strictly to our maxims of extreme precision starting from the manufacturing process. To ensure that our components and modules can be measured and monitored with the utmost precision starting from the production stage, we work with the FARO Gage 3D coordinate measuring machine. This tool entirely replaces time-consuming inspection environments, provides the same high performance, and its flexibility allows us to work highly efficiently and hence save on costs for your product. From calliper gauges to tape measures, the FARO Gage unites everything in a single device – thereby avoiding any errors of measurement due to different tools. Furthermore, it guarantees measurement results with maximum precision due to its temperature and overload sensors in each individual joint, with the latter also ruling out user error.

This quality control for optimal dimensional accuracy ensures compliance with our high standards – and that your product is perfect.